Increase brand appeal Background: Tom Kennett had started a watch and accessories company in 2010. Kennett had carved a small market with the urban youth but needed to widen market appeal.

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Kennett had be seen in an aspirational light. An image and audio visual narrative had to be created to match a new - more mature - product line. A limited budget meant that the campaign had to be run through social media so quality images were essential.


Fast and classic cars, beautiful girls, designer clothes all created the necessary luxury reference points. Expert photography and quality accessories made for a strong brand projection.


A strong image bank and quality meant that the social media narrative could be set with quality images. Kennett could maximise its editorial coverage and award nominations; The cheapest form of advertising.

Mark has the wide general knowledge to tell a story that gives lives to the brands he works for. His attention to detail makes for consistently good work. 

 Caspar Zafer (actor)