Mark Hogarth is a politics graduate from Ayrshire in Scotland.

Mark worked at Westminster from 2001-2005 as  a parliamentary researcher to esteemed Labour Minister Brian Wilson. He has been creative director of Harris Tweed Hebrides since 2008 and works as a branding consultant in fashion and textiles though the vast majority of his work is as part of the multi-award winning Harris Tweed team that have been credited with transforming the unique heritage industry.


Moving from the seemingly disparate worlds of politics and fashion was not as bizarre as it may seem as Mark used to spend three months a year in Japan from 2000-2008. Working as a fitting model for Kenzo, Issey Miyake and Commes Des Garcons gave him an invaluable insight into the fashion industry and an understanding of the Japanese philosophy on style that is now so influential in the western world. The attention to provenance and focus on ‘the luxury of artisanship’ were themes he continues to laud as a brand developer.

Mark continues at the creative helm of Harris Tweed Hebrides but holds a keen interest in the promotion of Scottish textiles at large and the regeneration of textiles manufacturing in The UK. As a qualified journalist he regularly writes for on-line magazines and journals.


Mark Hogarth was born and raised on a farm in Ayrshire and lives in Glasgow, less than one hour away from the family farm. He is a keen cyclist and and lists passions as travel, mens’ style, geopolitics and BBC Radio 4.